About Us


About Us

Fıdan tours was founded in 2003 as Bosnia's first tourism company to organize travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina from Turkey and other countries, Fidan Tours started its commercial life with the responsibility of becoming a cultural and tourism bridge and to introduce Bosnia and Herzegovina to the world.

While Fidan Tours was growing rapidly it was recognised and admired by domestic and foreign tourism organizations. Since its establishment, Fidan Tours placed a great importance on guest relations and customer satisfaction. The guest-oriented service concept enables our visitors to choose "Fidan Tours" again and again.

Our Services:

Fidan Tours cover the following organizations such as tours, symposium and fair organizations, car rentals, ticket sales, etc. are continuing on the basis of infrastructure that meets all the needs of organized tourism sector.

Our Mission:

We try to make more people recognize and visit the multinational and multicultural nature of this beautiful country which is the meeting point of civilizations. This goal has brought us to become an important player in the tourism sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Our vision:

Our aim is to contribute in tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina with an understanding of the intercultural bridge and with an approach of responsibility. Fidan Tours has continuously been growing, developing and renewing its vision that realizes its growth targets without sacrificing service quality. Visitor satisfaction is indispensable for our company. Our goal as Fidan Tours is to ensure that our guests receive the best quality conditions with reasonable price guarantee.

Our Awards: Fidan Tours has won numerous recognitions as an important sector of tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

2003: The first tourism agency from Turkey to organize trips to Bosnia and Herzegovina.  
2009: Best Tourism Agency award - Ministry of Tourism of Bosnia and Herzegovina.  
2013: Acknowledgment document - Presidency of Islamic Community of Bosnia and Herzegovina  
2013: Certificate of Appreciation - Bosnia Sema Educational Institutions  
2013: Gold plaque award - Novi Sad-Serbia & Zagreb-Croatia

Fatih Sultan mehmet choir
Fatih Sultan Mehmed Chorus was established in Sarajevo in 2004 by Fidan Tours. With a purpose to embrace all ethnic and religious communities in Bosnia and to contribute to the co-existence of living together in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The choir has trained approximately 600 trainees since the day it was founded and is currently continuing its activities with 200 trainees. The choir has a large repertoire of Divine and Kasidel. (ilahees, qaseedes)The repertoire of our choir consists of works which have been written in several different languages, mainly Turkish and Bosnian. So far the choir has performed concerts in many countries, mostly in Turkey and European countries abroad. In 2014, the FSM Choir restructured its own corporate identity. FSM Choir continues to ferform special concerts for Fidan Tours guests from abroad with the wide repertoire, especially at weekends.

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